Why Reiki?

Why Reiki?

In today''s economy, many people might have concerns about getting a reiki session. After all, times are tight,
and if you''re not sure how long you''ll have a job, getting an energy healing session might feel like a waste of money that could better be spent on other things.

However, if you think about it for a bit longer, you may see that in fact, a reiki session can be one of the best
things you can do for yourself. Why? Because today more than ever, good health and wellbeing is not a luxury,
or even an option: It is a basic need.

When you feel healthy and well, you become more cheerful and more confident in your own abilities. You also become better able to handle the stresses of your job and family relationships. You may even become more creative in the way you handle problems in your life. All of these benefits could result in keeping your job longer,
or in finding a new one that is more to your liking.

Because reiki energy goes wherever it is most needed, it provides energetic healing at all levels: Physical,
mental, emotional and spiritual. Most people who receive reiki feel very relaxed at the end of a session, and therefore better able to deal with life''s stressors. But the healing does not stop at the end of a session. Reiki energy can continue to work for up to 24-48 hours afterwards.

Moreover, the effects of reiki are cumulative, so the more regularly you receive it, the more good it does. This makes a great deal of sense, because when someone first receives reiki, if they have any acute problems, it
will initially address those. If you continue to receive reiki, even when you are not feeling any acute issues, it
will begin to heal more chronic issues—those nagging little pains that you mostly ignore, because they are
not bad enough to warrant painkillers, for example.

Of course, reiki is not a substitute for regular medical care. However, it is a complementary therapy that can be used to support your health and overall wellbeing. In short, having a reiki session is a proactive step you can
take to support your own health and wellness.

Copyright Nola N. Krosch, September 2012.